Andesites Philosophy


Andesites is an emerging national denim brand, focused on «jeans».

This brand is born from the depths of the sea, having as main elements: water and stone. Central axes in the manufacture of jeans. This is why, for us, it is important that these elements are always present.

In the manufacture of any denim garment, approximately 10,000 litres of water are consumed. We consider this consumption to be unsustainable for our planet, and for this reason, our manufacturing is backed by the «eco-friendly» seal. We care for the environment.

In each collection, you will find our most iconic, timeless and best-selling models, as well as new models marked by current trends. Andesites is born under the premise of a timeless product and continuity that are part of the wardrobe of our customers. Because there is nothing more sustainable than a garment that lasts over time.

Within our premise of sustainable fashion, we make limited productions of our product and in the realization of our jeans, we pay special attention to detail. This makes them unique and unrepeatable models combining quality and an unbeatable price.


The name Andesites means andesite in French. Andesite is a volcanic rock resulting from the fusion of fire from volcanic explosions and lava flows in contact with water.

Andesites are generally light to dark grey in colour and the most special ones are slightly greenish. With the colour of our buttons we evoke the colour of this special stone and use it as our trademark.

This fusion of water and lava – which creates the Andesites – serves as a metaphor to describe our emotions and feelings.

The relationship between Andesites and water expresses that water is the origin of life, a symbol of life, purification and hope, values that are a common denominator that unites us and helps us to find our path of personal development. Our relationship with water has been deep and enriching, it helps us to know ourselves better, to recognise our emotions and to learn to let go of everything that does not help us to evolve personally.

“I love the ocean, the stones and the JEANS”

We don’t just want to transmit a lifestyle, we want to transmit emotions and sensations. We want the person who wears an andesite to live his or her experiences with our jeans.

Each Andesites includes a manifesto of life so that we never forget the things that give meaning to life. A mantra that we can read whenever we want.

As an identifying seal of the brand – in addition to the manifesto – there is our jewel-button, green coloured, like hope. The button is one of the most undervalued details of the trousers, that’s why we chose this piece to create another seal of identity.

A button with engraved initials simulating a compass and an emerald gemstone in the centre, becomes one of the most special parts of our jeans; and what sets us apart and makes us unique.

We don’t look for big things; we just want our customer to feel confident and comfortable.